Warwick Competition Results

By Lynda

Hi Warwick students!

Thank you all so much for your lovely submissions. I really enoyed reading your entries and discovering which character you enjoyed most in Demons and Thieves.

The winners were: Chloe L and Abida C.

Well done, you two!!

All entries can be read below.

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My favourite character is Rebecca Bailey, or Becky as she is known.I chose her as my favourite character because of how realistic she is,she has real feelings of an insecure woman. With her marriage on the brink of collapse she has nothing left to live for, apart from her son Tad and adopted daughter Ellie. Her insecurity comes from when she was a 15 year old girl who was the only girl who didnt get asked to dance.I know this because when she is at the disco she goes into the bathroom to hide her tears, in doing so she says ‘im just a fat ugly cow!’
Therefore she has become very clingy and will hang onto every bit of love and attention that comes her way.

Hi Chloe!

You have really captured the essence of Rebecca in your comments. She is quite a sad character and you have shown
that you understand how she has become so. Well done!

My favourite character is Tad because he seems like an exciting character.
He doesn’t seem to like his life as much as he could, and when he enters the gate into shiladu he goes through alot of challenging missions! He is very adventurous but struggles alot with his missions. He experiences alot of anger and distress, and it seems as if he can’t cope with everything, but still tries his hardest to complete the missions and get the keys, so that things can become how they should be in Tad’s normal life.

Hi Mbee

Thank you for your lovely entry.

I like the fact that you notice how angry and distressed Tad is, yet he does try his hardest. What do you think
he may have to do in order to have the life that he craves?

My favourite character is Lucy because:
She is one of the only girls and she’s very pretty in the picture. Lucy is a confident, bubbly and lively young woman and I cannot believe that she ended up needing to go across the bridge. Lucy is a great character (and did you use a real person but change them a bit to make Lucy?) also, I would be delighted to win the signed copy of Demons and Thieves because I think that I like it the most in my English class.

Hi Ellie

Thank you so much for your post. I enjoyed reading it very much.

Ellie, in answer to your question, Lucy is not based on anyone that I know, although my daughter looks a little similar to her picture. She is quite an important character in the trilogy and you will read much more about her in books 2 and 3. Delighted you are enjoying the novel!

My favorite character is Tad because,

He is very adventurous and is a two-sided person. When Tad first entered Shuiladu he was confused and didnt know what to do but when he crossed the bridge,then his mission started. Tad has gone through so many challanges with his enemys and has always found a way to conquer them. So, Tad is a very brave and adventurous character.

Hi Katie. Thank you! Another lovely entry. See you on the 3rd!

My favourite character is Kitsuni because first of all, i love how creative you were when creating this character, since Kitune means fox in Japanese and foxes are usually depicted as intelligent animals, also able to acquire magical powers. My second reason is that I think Tad deserved a friendly face after the troubles with Storm; his brother, and all of the bad guys trying to kill him! e.g. Morto, trying to steal his stone. I also love his power of shape-shifting, it creates a magical effect to the book, all because of the pear stone and its extreme powers. I am really enjoying your book, and glad we chose it to read at school!

I am really impressed, Maddie. No one, to date, has realised that I based Kitsuni on the Japanese mythical creature. Well done!

My favourite character is morto because he is a kind of person that doesnt really care about anything and that sounds abit like me!! I also like kitsuni deffinatly as his name means ‘fox’ in japanese and he is a silver fox, I think that is really creative. I like kitsuni because he seems like the wise one and the parts of the story that he is in, he seems to calm it down abit which i like and I LOVE how Tad and Storm become like best friends

Hi Cody. You made me smile in voting for Morto. That must be the first time anyone has chosen him. See you on the 3rd!

My favorite character is Zoric.
Because he’s a demon!

By ryanaus warious on November 29th, 2012 at 12:52 pm

my favoirte charcater is storm

because he is a game changer, fighting ,arguing bundle of fun. He brings light and action to the book and is one to remember.

Hi Ryanaus and Arthur!

Thank you both for your entries. I do think that Storm is one to remember and he plays a vital part in the trilogy. And as
for demons, maybe you could send me your own ideas for a demon, Arthur.

Away is my favourite character because he is funny and a little bit strange. I love how you made Away and Towards be like TweedleDum and TweedleDee! He is an amazing character and I hope he appears in the next novel of Demons and Theives with Towards aswell!!

Hi Buzzingbee!

Delighted you like Away. And yes, the dwarfs somehow manage to weedle their way into the next book. Can’t imagine how!!

My favourite character is Morto since he describes my personality and i like how he is a suit of a old medivel time scavenger or pick pocket.Also one of my favroute subjects is history so he makes me smile and i like how he is evil and a shape shifter. Also i like how he changes into a dove and i like how he backstabes Tad,Storm and Fingers and i like how he acts like nothing happens when he gets back to the castle of past times!

Hi Gibbs!

Morto is certainly quite an evil character. Sure you can’t be quite like him!

my favorite character is deuce.

because he has that really wierd hair and he is pretty funny and has a sense of humor that people would dream and love of.

I chose tad because he is a indecisive character and very adventures when he is trying to find the eye. He can be very loving when he meets Lucy and finds Storm again. He is very excititng. He doesn’t seem to like life as muck as he could.

Hi Hannah and Watingi!

Thank you so much for your entries. No, Tad doesn’t like life as much as he could, but maybe he is learning what he must change in order to like it better.

Glad you like Deuce, Watingi. He allows me a sense of humour – as do the dwarfs.

My favourite characters are Towards and Away.

I like these two characters because they make the book really funny. They both have their own ways of life. I dont think they like being with each other because they always argue. during the book Towards and Away have gone on a lot of adventures with Tad and the other people in the novel. I have really enjoyed the book and i hope i get to buy the other two books when they come out. See you on the 3rd.

Grace T.

Hi Grace

I like the dwarfs, too! They allow me to lift the mood of the story and by public demand, they have found their way into books 2 and 3!

So glad you are enjoying the novel. See you on Monday!

my favourite characters are Tad and Storm because they are tensioned and comfused because they’ve just met again after the crash.

i was really happy when they went along and started to be friends!

I can’t wait to read your next books!!!!

our favourite character is away. we like him because he is funny and refelcts our peronality. he is clumsy he makes us laugh.

Hi Diana, Jessica and Aliyah!

Thank you for your lovely entries.

Diana, so pleased you are looking forward to the next books. I can tell you more about them on Monday.
Jessica and Aliyah – laughter keeps the soul healthy. Delighted you like him! See you all Monday!

Away reminds me of TweedleDum and TweedleDee also I think he is a fun loving character who is a big drama queen!I love Away as he is the complete opposite to Towards who has to get everything right otherwise he would have a massive temper tantrum!

Can’t wait to read the next novel and can’t wait to hear you speak about the novel on December the 3rd!!

Hi Gabbie!

I love Away, too! He allows my playful side to come out in my writing. I’m working hard on the next book in the series, so
hope not to keep you waiting too long!

See you on the 3rd.

I like storm because even though his family thought he was dead he is still my favourite!!!! he is also the sort of person who cares about most things. i would love to win the competition because the book completely sucked me in and i understood the whole thing.i am so happy that demons and thieves was the book we read. i really enjoyed the book cant wait to see you at school!!!!

Hi 12znas!

I loved the way that you said the ‘book completely sucked you in.’ Thank you!

See you on the 3rd.

tad is my favourite character because he is a character that explore the world with confidence. he was so confused when he enter the world of shiladu, also he was so surprised when he found out storm was nick (his brother). i’m so glad that i read this book in year 7. demons and thieves is the 2nd best book that i had ever read. i can’t wait to see u on monday. =)

Hi Rebecca

I’m so glad you like Tad and that you’re enjoying the novel. I’m very flattered that you feel it is the 2nd best book that
you have ever read. I’m looking forward to Monday, too!

my favorite character is Ellie Bailey.
even though she doesn’t really come to the story much it makes me feel like why did they adopt her in the first place, and who was her real mother and father. i can’t wait to read the next book to see if tad actually gets storm or nick back and who was the lady who gave BO back and if something happens to Ellie. by the way after i read this book Lynda Berger is my favorite author!!!

How perceptive of you, Abida! You are the first to question the adoption. And thank you so much for your last comment – it made me smile!!

my favourite character is Away because he is silly and quite funny. I can imagine what he looks like!
Are most of the characters from the first book going to be in the others??

Hi Matt

There are both new and old characters in the next two books – but the dwarfs are hot favourites with most of the schools, so they
make a noisy return!

Dear Lynda,
I am very interested in your book, ‘Demons and Thieves’.
I love all the characters from your book but my absolute favourite is Tad.
The reason why I really like Tad is because he is quite bubbly, fun and determined to get the seven keys to get back to the gate and back to his family.
At the begging of the book, I felt distraught by what happened, and feel really bad for Tad.
When Tad met Lucy, I never thought that she would’ve pretended to be Tad’s friend because (I think) she said to go to past times and Tad didn’t know Storm (his brother)-originally Nick) would follow him through past times and make him go to Deuce.
I also never knew that Storm was Tad’s brother. I was really surprised! a bit later on in the book, Storm seems to be really annoyed with Tad but through the book ,I thought it was just because he wasn’t used to Tad, Storm got more fonder and prouder of Tad.
Sorry I have written loads Lynda but I just really love your book, I could go on writing forever!
Hope you enjoyed reading my long comment on your book. I can’t wait until the end to find out!

Yours sincerely,
Emily Tucker :)

Thank you, Emily, for taking the time to write so much. I’m thrilled that you love the book. When you reach the end, please drop me a line and tell me if the story continued to thrill you. See you on the 3rd.

my favourite character is Lucy as she is quite young and never harmed anyone, she has also been in the pit for quite a long time making me feel sorry for her.I feel like i resemble her in many ways that makes me feel connected to her. Your book ‘Demons and thieves’ is amazing. Another character i like is Tad, because he has mixed feelings for all the adventures he has had, for example, meeting Lucy, Storm dying etc. see you on the 3rd.

Hi Manon!

Thank you so much for your ‘amazing’ comment. It makes me feel that my journey has been so worthwhile!
It’s also nice that you have connected with a character.

See you Monday!

My favourite character is Nick/Storm

I like Nick/Storm because at the begging Tad’s brother Nick went out with his grandad and they sadly had a car crash and Nick and Sam died. Tad went in a world called Shiladu and he met his brother in there now known as Storm. Storm has had an exciting edventure.

Hi Jodi

I like the Nick/Storm character, too! Thank you for your entry. See you Monday!

Dear Lynda,
My favourite character in Demons and Thieves is Leon because he is one of the good guys. He doesn’t grumble about not having the eye but he knows how he would use it (well). For example – Kitsuni tries to make sure Tad takes the eye to Leon; he says this before he dies. We all know last words are meaningful, and Kitsuni is one of the good guys, and wouldn’t wind him up.
I am really enjoying your book and can’t wait to finish it!
Yours Sincerely
Lucy R

The first vote for Leon! Thank you, Lucy. And I am so glad your are enjoying the book!

Tad because is the hero of this book. He wanted his dad to be supportive but on his performance he video taped him and went out.
His mum, Rebecca Bailey, tried to be supportive but nearly died because of loneliness on the future.

I like Deuce because hes so evil, and funny

Towards and away because they are dworfs and they have stuck by Tad all the way. and there dworfs so whats not to like.

My favourite character is Kitsuni because first of all, i love how creative you were when creating this character, since Kitune means fox in Japanese and foxes are usually depicted as intelligent animals, also able to acquire magical powers.

i like tad because hes a main charter

Hi Jose, Fatama, Kate and Berdan!

Thank you so much for your entries. I enjoyed reading them and look forward to seeing you on Monday!

I have choose Tad because even though he as had a rough time he still stays strong and he has alot of bravery also he is a caring character also he is nice .His also cares for his parents and he reallys wants to see his parents happy again wich is really nice .And its nice to see how much care he has and that he really wants his brother back aka storm its so sad that his wants his brother back and he cant so thats why i am picking Tad

from sophie davey

Hi Sophie!

It’s clear you really feel for Tad. I wonder what you will think about him after book 2!

I pick Zoric because i like the way he can use his powers to drain peoples minds. I also like how you have imanged what zoric looks like and i dont think it could get any more scary.This is proble one of the most intresting story i have read in a while because of Zoric.

Thank you for putting Zoric in the story.

Hi Ryan

Delighted that you are enjoying Zoric and the book. See you on Monday!

my favriot character is tad…..
because he is the maine character in the whole book and that he has met loads of strange things, and some sci-fi i really like him and the book.

dear linda,
my faverote character is tad because he is very clever and never says no and just gets on with it the matta what and even though his brother dosent like him he just carries on with life a forgets his brother, but not forgeting his brother all the time but still forgets him when he need to. also i like him beacuse he is very clever in the pit and uses his powers wisley. i think the best part of.. the story is when tad finds the stone and then his life changes forever and then he is like a totally diffrent person and a totally diffrent life!!!. He also finds new freinds in this life and is very clever but also likes his new friends the garky beacuse they are being controlled but ther soul of the garky is very nice..by lutrisha D

Hi Stephen and Lutrisha

So glad you like Tad and that you’re enjoying the book. See you on the 3rd!

My favourite character is storm because he is evil and has a good personality like me.

towards and away because the dwarfs and there so cute. they stuck by tad

I like Storm/Nick because he can shap shift into anything and evreything he wants to and I wish I could shap shift into a cheater and run like the wind to school.

Hi Nathan, Kate and Courtney!

Yes – wouldn’t it be good if we could all shapeshift when we need to. Perhaps that’s an idea for another book, Courtney!
I think the dwarfs and Storm are my favourite characters too. Look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

My favourite characters are Towards and Away because i like them and there very helpful.Thank you for putting them in the storey.

I like Storm best because one he is one of the shapeshifters,
and two because he is on Tad’s side and he dies for him instead of letting Tad die and run off and give the eye to deuce.


Hi Taylor, Margy and Kamal!

I do like the dwarfs and Storm, but wouldn’t like to meet Zoric at all. Not sure how he got into my imagination, but glad he adds extra excitement to the story.
See you Monday!

My favourite character is Morto, because he is evil and always tries to make people fell sad( did you base him on a bully). Morto is a bit like me in that he prefers to work alone also I really like his ability to morph into a dove, I think this is really imaginative idea and I wish I could turn into a dove! I really like the way he can steal peoples’ memories and image. “I’m taking all that you are and all that you know and leaving all that I don’t want behind.”
Also Mortal means causing death, did you base his name on an abbreviation of that word.

Hi Ben!

I think both Morto and Fingers are bullies – but Morto is the more evil of the two.

I wish I could turn into a dove as well. Imagine what we would see and learn!

Yes, Morto’s name is based on the french word for death. I felt it described him perfectly.

Thank you so much for your entry.

i love tad

Thank you, Amy!

my favourite character is bo

this is because
A.)bo is a dog
B.)i love dogs
C.)bo is actually a very important character in the book
D.)no one realizes how inportant bo is.
E.) bo is underestimated
F.) Bo sounds very lovable
G.)Bo seems adventerous
and finally
H.)Bo is brave being able to survive without tad.

I apsolutely love dogs so that is why i chose Bo

from 12345

Hi 12345

It’s great that you love dogs. They are wonderful creatures and my world wouldn’t be the same without them.

Bo is important in the book and on Monday, I will show you a picture of him.

See you then!

My favourite character is Tad because I think he is very brave. He goes through a hard time in the world of the shadows, and when he goes to Shiladu things don’t really improve much. He ends up being chased by demons, captured by Deuce, loses Storm and lots more. I am so glad that he has a happy ending though. I can’t wait to find out if he manages to get Storm back in the next book!

What a great summary, Elizabeth. Well done!

If you were writing the trilogy, what would you write in the next book? Would Tad get Storm back or not?

See you tomorrow!


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