By Lynda

Hi Year Seven!

I just wanted to drop you a line to say ‘thank you’.

I really enjoyed the time I spent with you yesterday and found your enthusiasm and energy uplifting!

The winner of the ghost story competition, was Imogen. (Her entry can be read below, amongst others). Well done, Imogen!

I really enjoyed reading every entry, so well done to all the students who entered.

Hope to see you again soon!


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mum can you tell me that story again” OK Lucy just this once. one day two girls had a day out but on there way home they got caught in a storm with out warning lighting started flashing across the sky like a devils tongue.They ran up to a run down house to knock on the door but it was already open it looked dark and scary but they went in any way huddled in the corner they heard boom shhhh boom shhhh they hugged each other in fear, but the sound was getting louder boom shhh boom shhh one girl called out please don’t hurt us the reply came in a dry rasping voice” oh I oh i wont hurt you but where’s your friend” The girl suddenly realised she was hugging air and to save her friend she would have to go further into the house alone

Wow Sydnie! That’s fantastic! I want to read more. Well done!


17 September 1939, the date in which my whole life changed. It all began back in my home town of Warsaw, Poland. The moon was shining bright and everything was silent. All until a faint clatter filled my ears as I awoke from my soft comfortable bed.I stumbled groggily towards my old wooden door,wondering what that disturbing noise was that had woken me up. As I stepped out of my house, suddenly a load of rubble flew out from the city wall, followed by a heavy rumbling artillery tank. Then everything went black!

Another fantastic submission! Well done, Samuel! Really liked the wartime element.


I was at home and my parents were upset i had know idea why. The next day my parents made me go to my grandas house, i didnt want to go because she is always so moody and mean. But when i went to my grandmas she was very diffrnt to normal, she was kind and joyfall. I was really confused. But when I went to bed i had a dream, I had a dream that my grandma changes, she changes into a… and then I woke up. But in the morning, I went downstais and I couldnt see grandma anywhere! Then I turned around and my grandma was there, but it wasn’t grandma, it was a mixture of me and grandma, she was faded like a ghost. “Grandma, Grandma what are you” I was so scared, i didn’t know what to do she stretched out to get me, I didn’t know what to do…

That’s a great start to a ghost story – really spooky, George. Nice one!

BANG!!! My heart thumps. I look around in the eerie silence of the night. Looming shadows surrounds me. It’s me,alone in a world of darkness, confused and petrified. A tear starts to roll down my face. Why did I ever come alone? I close my eyes tightly, my body shivers violently, uncontrollably. Suddenly I hear a chilling cry. It’s getting closer. I need to run but fear swamps me!

Lovely use of language, Imogen. I am already hooked!

I was supossed to be going out with some friends last night, worst regret of my life. Mum told me not to go but no I just had to. Molly said that it will be great fun and everyone was coming. The clock strikes 10:00pm time to go! I ran down the dark shadowed road; I’m petrified of the dark. Finally I arrived but no one seemed to be there. Where were they? I looked behind me there was a dark figure, my heart was now thumping like mad!! The figure headed towards me, closer, closer and closer. I screamed then I blacked out a little. I woke up the next morning i found myself covered in blood. What on earth happened?

I love the way you create tension in the first sentence, Ella. Great start!

I was at the cinema settling into my seat when I heard a loud thud. My friends sitting next to me were gone, I was the last one in the cinema apart from a tall figure with someting in his hand in front of the screen! What had happened? He ran towards me at a full sprint and then BANG! I woke up in the same seat with blood all over my face and scratches all up my arm.

I can visualise this as if I were there, Lewis. It would make a great beginning to a movie!

it was late at night i was in my bed shivering, my dad had left for the pub again last night but still hasn’t come home. my mum had gone looking so being an only child i was left alone… again. i started by just hearing quiet whispering but every time another minuet passed on my clock i could swear it was getting louder, so loud i could just make out the words.. minute by minute i am getting stronger… i ran out the house loosing all sense of direction my heart pounding in my chest when i find myself at the pub, my dads pub. the door was open with a note on it saying… we’ve been waiting for you…

Gosh you were working early, Sophie! I found myself imaginging the clock ticking and the whispering – very spooky!


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