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This scene is from Chapter Nine, The Bridge of Terror. It has been described by some of my readers as their favourite chapter. Here is a short extract from it:

Tad felt as if his feet were stuck in cement. A little way along the bridge, a fire had shot up in front of him. Shielding his face, he could smell the hair singe on the back of his hand.  They were too close. They should go back – ask Bennett what to do. Yes. Why hadn’t he thought about that before?  He turned to Lucy. She was standing there staring at him, her eyes glazed as if made of marble.

‘It’s okay, Lucy, we’ll turn back,’ Tad reassured her. Then he crashed to the floor.  The demon that had grabbed hold of Tad’s feet looked like the devil: red eyes, red skin, ram-like horns. It smelled so rancid it burnt Tad’s throat – made him want to heave.  ‘Lucy, help me!’ Tad screamed

‘You killed my mother,’ she spat.

Tad knew she couldn’t mean him. And why weren’t her lips moving? It was as if the words came from somewhere else. 

The demon was pulling harder, every vein in its body pulsating. It wanted to drag him over the side. Tad tried to hold onto the ground, but there was nothing to grip.

‘Lucy! It’s me – Tad. Grab my hands.’

Her face seemed to be cracking. She was walking towards him, tears streaming into crevices down her cheeks. ‘You took my mother before her time.’

What was happening to her?

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Lynda Berger is the author of "The Seven Keys Trilogy" of which "Demons and Thieves" is the first book.