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The following reviews have been received from:

- school students (who have either read the private edition of the novel as a class reader or bought the new official version)

- teachers

- on-line reviewers

- other readers
The official release version is now available.

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By Caitlin, St Osmunds Middle School, Dorchester

Hi I am from St Osmunds in Dorchester. I just finished your book yesterday and it was amazing. How can you get all of that creative imagination like that? I can’t wait for your next book! :)



By Hannah Mc
Dear Mr Person who will publish this book in stores,
I found this book an extraordinary, kept me on the edge of my seat adventure. The characters really fused with my emotions. I will be waiting eagerly for the next edition of this series to read. SOOO Please Please put it on the shelves. And no I’m not finished yet. Reasons why you should put it out to the world is
1) It
2) Is
3) Awesome
The book is an extraordinary thriller and will keep me interested forever.

By Emma M-S
This book is amazing, it got my adrenalin pumping. Demons and Thieves was so good I read ahead of the whole class. It is thrilling and exciting. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

By Chloe B
Demons and Thieves should be in the shops because me and my class have been reading this book and I can say that its my favourite book yet and I don’t think any book could top it. Its a thrilling adventure book so it should be in the shops.

By Jessica W
Demons and Thieves is amazing and I would really like to see the book in the shops. I read it in my class and it really does have a bit for everyone. It kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. An amazing book!

By Cody W
I think the book Demons and Thieves should be in the shops because it was a really tense and exciting book and its so inspiring because some things that were in the book really happened.

By Mbee
I think Demons and Thieves should be in the shops because it is an amazing book that people at any age would enjoy. Lynda Berger has included some fantastic characters and the book has a lot of excitement and adventure. It is my favourite book ever and I would truly appreciate it if you could let Lynda Berger’s books go into the shops.

I would like to see Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because it is the first english book I have read and for the first time I like a book (a big book).

By Emily T
I love your book Lynda! I think its awesome!!!

By Kszy
I think Demons and Thieves should be sold in shops because its a fantastic book. It has a lot of unusual names but thats whats good about it. It makes it sound more interesting. It also shows that Lynda has a good imagination. According to me its a book that every child enjoys.

By Harry
I think Demons and Thieves is a really good and fun book to read from the age of about 8 to 14 years. It has something for everyone like adventures, laughter and sadness. After this there will be 2 more books. I also like the characters as there are lots of different types of personalities.

By Nat
I think that the book Demons and Thieves should be in all shops because it is a very good book for all ages and it is fantastic, humorous, exciting and an adventurous book for children. Also you have added brilliant characters.

By Jack
I think the book is really good. It makes you think that it could happen in real life. Lots of children would want to buy it.

By Chloe L
I found it a thrilling and exciting story full of tense and scary twists. It always kept me on the edge of my seat. Even without the pictures we have been shown, I was able to have a clear and imaginative idea of what they look like thanks to the description that is written. I think that the story has inspired me to have a more imaginative mind and I can’t wait for the second book.

By Phoebe
I really liked the book and will be waiting eagerly for the next. Please put it on the shelves.

By Niarah
I would definitely recommend Demons and Thieves to anyone. I’m actually a big fan of yours and I can’t wait for your next stories.x

By Hodo
Lynda Berger is a fantastic author with an amazing creative mind and I would highly recommend you invest in her book. Demons and Thieves will end up being a best selling book that people of any age will enjoy.

By Annabelle
Demons and Thieves is a bit of a thriller with lots of twists and turns. I would like to see it in the bookshops because kids everywhere will love the whole plot of the trilogy. When we were first told that the class would be reading a book together I thought that it couldn’t be that exciting but it was AMAZING! A couple of times I even had to read ahead!!

By Isaac
I think that this book should be sold in shops because it was very exciting and thrilling plus if this one was good what will the next one be like? I would definitely buy this book if it went into the shops.

By Ciara
I think Demons and Thieves should go on sale as it is a brilliant and well thought out book. My class loved it and many other children will love it too. It is funny, gripping, sad and tense. It is a really good book. The first book of the trilogy was so gripping lots of people at my school want to read the next two books. You really should as I am sure it will make a lot of money.

By Anna T
I think that Demons and Thieves is absolutely amazing and I know more than 200 people who would agree with me. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I went home and purchased a copy myself. My older sister and I read it together and we loved every word of it and we cannot wait to read the next thrilling adventure.

By Nathan S
I would like to see Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because it is a very exciting and tense book. It’s a horror/adventure book which is what children/teenagers like these days. Others would like to read it because it is thrilling and I did not find any of it boring.

By Abida C
I love Lynda Berger books. They are interesting and adventurous. I found it extremely interesting and needed to read it more and more. I even had dreams about it (good ones). I even recommended this book to all my cousins and they loved it so that’s why you should put her books in the shops.

By Ciaran I
There should be more books like this being published and bought. I would recommend this to my friends and family. I found it extremely thrilling and exciting. I am looking forward to reading the next book.

By Bradley M
I would really like to see Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because Lynda Berger had used very strong and powerful words and has actually shown how the characters are feeling at the moment. Also it kept me on the edge of my seat because you never know what was going to happen.

By Ryan L
You should put Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because it is exciting, sad, emotional, dangerous, fantastic. The characters are amazing. My favourite is Zoric because she has used good descriptive language.

By Phoebe SHW
I really liked the book and will be waiting eagerly for the next. Please put it on the book shelves.

By Lauren D
I would really like Demons and Thieves in the bookshop because it is a very exciting book that fires the readers imagination. The characters were all thought out carefully and they all made me smile at some point. Children need books about magical lands, dwarfs, magicians, demons and thieves. Every chapter was well thought out and kept me on my toes. Please sell this book.

By Charlotte R
Lynda is a brilliant writer. She adds suspense and effects into this interesting novel. I will be waiting for the next novel called The World of Whispers. I am really looking forward to your thrilling new novel.

By Shreya P
I would really like to see Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because it was really interesting and a real story gripper. I will be waiting for it in the shops. I found it really thrilling. I really liked Lucy. She was my favourite character.

By Darren A
I like this book sincere there is ALWAYS something to it. You are never bored. You’re always on the edge of your seat.

By Charlotte B
Demons and Thieves should be in bookshops because you never know what’s going to happen next in the story. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the next book and more and more people should read it – and they will if it’s put on the shelves.

By Greg C
I think that the book should be on the bookshelves because it is very interesting and imaginative. None of it was boring at any point of the book.

By Emily S
I would really like to see Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because it is very catchy once you start reading it. I would definitely recommend this to people who love reading and enjoy adventurous and exciting books. You read the first chapter then you can’t stop. I would definitely buy the book if it was in the shops.

By Rhumanah A
I would really like to see Demons and Thieves in the bookshops because I really like this book. Its very interesting and funny and everyone in my year group seem to really like this book and its appropriate to children. I think she is a really good writer and I can’t wait to see her next book come out.

By Elizabeth D
The book should definitely be in the book shops because it is a great story that keeps you interested. Loads of people would buy Demons and Thieves if it was published.

By Ellie S
I would love it for Demons and Thieves to go on bookshelves in stores because it is a great book, lots of people will buy it and it gets your adrenaline pumping. My friend liked the book so much, when we were on chapter 23, she was finished!


 Demons and Thieves is an engaging novel filled with imagination and excitement. Berger has managed to capture the essence of a fast-paced, fantasy video game and packed it into an extraordinary story. This unique approach has inspired many students at Reigate School and for some has reignited their interest and passion for reading. The characters Berger conjures are weird, unpredictable and quirky, leaving you unsure of their next move all the way along. The journey of Demons and Thieves has not left our students and will stay with them for a long time to come. We cannot wait for the next adventure! Miss Couzens, English Teacher, Reigate School

My students have thoroughly enjoyed this novel. They have loved the colourful characters, interesting plot and use of imagination within each chapter. Louise Cooper, English Teacher, Heathside School

Most students have absolutely loved the book. I teach a bottom set and we finished reading it today. Two were due to go to a literacy workshop and said they weren’t going if it meant missing reading the end! (Actually, they re-thought the ‘won’t’ and went and asked their workshop teacher if they could be excused – and she was happy to oblige). Head of English, THE WARWICK SCHOOL

After your suggestion of having two ‘back to back’ workshops I checked with the department and it seems we have a couple of year 8 groups now studying the novel too, due to its success with year 7′s… the pupils are really, really enjoying the book. Head of English, BROADWATER SCHOOL

I am happy to report students were very engaged throughout, look forward to meeting you, and can’t wait to read the sequel! Head of English, WINSTON CHURCHILL SCHOOL



LoveReading Review




Demons and Thieves by Lynda Berger is the first book in the Seven Keys trilogy.

When Tad Bailey was 11 years old his older brother, Nick, and grandpa, Sam, were both killed in a tragic accident and ever since then Tad has been troubled.

3 years later when his dog goes missing, his parents constantly arguing and he is being bullied at school he finds himself transported to the gate of another world where to stop the “Shadows” that have been plaguing his life since he was 11 he must enter into a quest to retrieve the seven keys and banish them forever.

The “Shadows” are an invisible, dark force that attack the human spirit robbing you of it until nothing remains and you are lost forever.

In Demons and Thieves, the first in the series, Tad has to find the first 3 of 7 seven keys in his challenge to banish the Shadows and put his life back together. He has 12 hours to complete his first challenge or become lost in the 3 worlds of Shiladu. With the help of 2 helper dwarfs, Towards and Away, he must battle his own inner demons and fears to find the first 3 keys he needs to get back to the Gate and his own world.

Overall, Demons and Thieves is a well-written and exciting book filled with danger, secret worlds, mad magicians, demons, thieves, bullies and other mysterious beasts and beings. It is exciting from beginning to end and its short chapters must it a relatively fast read.

Lynda Berger has managed to create an alternative world of beauty, darkness, adventure, danger and magic where one lost boy must face his own demons and confront them head on and do the right thing for himself and the people he encounters.

With a vast array of wonderful characters, page after page of exciting action, adventure and lots of twists and turns this is a great read than teenagers and young adults will enjoy. I cannot wait to read the next instalment.

A truly excellent novel that readers will definitely enjoy.





My 10 year old nephew was at my house and saw your book. He started reading it and LOVED IT! He got hooked to it. I kept asking him questions about the book, and he really likes it, the characters, the story the scenes … so I just wanted to tell you that you seem to have hit the target audience. Tony Cassar (Malta)

‘Demons & Thieves is my fave book, and I love all of it. It is tough deciding my fave chapter. The whole bit when they are in the pit just wouldn’t let me look away from the pages. I do hope you can come to my school soon.’ Lulu, aged 9 Twickenham

It’s as good as Harry Potter! Roni aged 10, St Osmund’s School, Dorset

My 11 year-old son had a day off sick and read Demons and Thieves right through in one sitting, which I’ve never seen him do before. He loved it! Peter C

Could you dedicate a copy of your book to my son William who thinks the book is awesome! Many thanks. Rosalind Banks

I loved all the characters and the complex plot line. It was a thrilling and gripping read. I especially enjoyed the “past times” section of the story. Lily Hope, 15, Kenilworth
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It’s a real adventure – full of twists and turns. Raeya Francis, 14, Walton-on Thames

Talk about fast-moving and non-stop action. I couldn’t put it down AND now I want to know what happens next! Sarah Hewitt (adult reader)

I’ve read it twice. It’s brilliant Jesse Marsh, 15, Chobham

I read the book over Christmas and couldn’t put it down. Karen, Rydens School Librarian

I got so hooked into the story. It normally takes me a while to get into a book and if I don’t like the first couple of chapters I put it down. But with this book I found it hard to stop reading. Gina, adult reader

A thrilling adventure which twists and turns with every page. I loved it! Kelly, Budmouth Technology College

It’s adventurous with surprises. I think it’s a really good book! Dan Newsome, aged 11, Dorchester

Hurry up with the next instalment! Jessica Hockey, aged 21

Demons and Thieves is a fantastic book full of breathtaking adventures and I can’t wait for number 2. I hope it is as good as number one. Jacob, Rydens School

I want to read it all the time because it’s so exciting! Josh Lewis, aged 12, St Osmund’s School

I became very attached to the characters when I was reading the book and really felt the emotions that they were going through. It felt like I was there doing everything with them. I couldn’t bear to put the book down until I had finished it and even then I wanted more! Emma, 11, Heathside School

It is extremely exciting and I love reading it. It’s one of those books that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Charlie, 11, Heathside School

It is funny, sad, scary, a whole mix of emotions which makes the reader feel part of the book. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls as it is lively and action-packed. Bethany, 11, Heathside School

I really loved that it was a thrilling page-turner and that it had twists from beginning to end. Ender, 11, Heathside School

This wasn’t my first adventure ever, but it was definitely my favourite. This book was so cleverly made, twists and turns that led my mind to believe everything. It really is a must read book. It was as if I was in the book myself. I really enjoyed it and this will be a book that I will never grow bored of. Emily, 11, Heathside School

This is the first book in the Seven Keys Trilogy and I’ve nearly finished it and I can’t wait for the second book to come out. Alfredo, 11, Heathside School

Demons and Thieves is an exciting fantasy and adventure novel that grabbed my interest from the very beginning. Tad faces dangerous situations that he needs to escape from, and he never knows what lurks behind the next corner. Evil comes at him from every direction, keeping the reader hooked to find out what happens next. I enjoyed this story very much, and I look forward to reading the next two books in this Seven Keys Trilogy. Alice Berger, Berger Book Reviews USA (no relation to the author – approached by a journalist for a review).


Lynda Berger is the author of "The Seven Keys Trilogy" of which "Demons and Thieves" is the first book.