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Hi everyone

During my visit to Broadwater School, I collected many ideas for the website - some of which you can see if you scroll down. (The remainder will be posted shortly). If you wish to add any more ideas, please submit them in the comments box which you will find underneath the posts below.

Thank you!

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Your character songs with the words.

A game based on the book

Animated scenes from the book.

A drawing page where you can draw your own character.

Put the songs on itunes

a few pieces of music and a lot of competitions with popular prizes

A song page with songs about the books.

Dates on events such as when the next book is coming out.

A game or two.

a bullie talk so you can sort out your problems so the bullying can stop

I think on the website there should be your amazing books on sale and maybe some games involving the book e.g. crossing the bridge of terror. And some animated scenes to watch. And a talk to Lynda thing where we can ask questions about the book!

You should put the pictures of all of the characters on with animated flames with the hand moving, and there should be the music and games on there with the forums where you also create your own characters.

I would like to see interviews with the author

By charlotte.m on October 24th, 2012 at 6:42 pm

I think there should be a character profile sheet about all the characters and a small idea about what they are like.

I also think there should be a quiz about the different scenes/chapters of the book.

By charlotte.d on October 24th, 2012 at 6:45 pm

put your songs up and words to the songs

games, mini clips, comic

Games about Tad and the other characters for example a game about crossing the Bridge.

Put a video on of your story and maybe have the characters profile on and could be a quiz about what you know and maybe a quiz to see which character you most like. You could also put on different songs that remind you of the book and other character songs.

Maybe a few games revolving around Demons and Thieves.

More songs.

I would like a little film

I think we should see big and creepy monsters from the books or characters. And put the Tad song on it.

Songs and games that relate to the book and characters. Maybe an activity that happens in the book that we could do on the computer,

Put the songs on the website and say who they are about so that the readers know a bit about the characters.

A game about being Tad, what decisions he would make. Puzzles.

I think you should have your songs on there and where people can download them. There could be mystery clues about the new book (sequel) and maybe an animated game where you could dress up the dwarfs. Also you could create a share button where people could share the book on facebook and twitter.

Put the artwork on the website and the songs. Also you could make a computer game about Tad’s quest to get his spirit back.

p.s. can’t wait to read the rest of the book!

I think you should put characters backgrounds up and a sneak peak at the next book (Ist chapters).

I would like a comic strip through the book.

You should put the music on there for us to download and make the artwork bright colours

There could be some games on the website to do with the book.

I think you should put the blurb of the next book on and the cover with a quote using pictures of new characters from book 2.

On the website I would like to see a demo of the book so you can know what it’s like if you haven’t read it and you want to buy

. Read the book online

. Put the pictures on the website as a slideshow

I think you should be able to listen to the songs. I also think when the author has time she can write and talk to a few of the people who are on the website. I really like the idea of competitions because people really find it fun and have the opportunity to get things they are interested in. These things are really fun and they will grab the attention of us. :)

At the start (homepage) it is quite hard to see the writing so make it lighter.

On the homepage there could be questions flying around or could be an icon for Lucy’s song.

. forum
. games
. contact us link
. login so you can post and people know who you are and your own user homepage that you can customise
. screenschots
.short videos
.music from Tad and Lucy’s songs available to hear

Games – possible game names:
. Run from the thief

. Biker chase

. Car crash

Songs, art, videos

There should be a film of it!

Pictures of the characters

A little video of a chapter in the book.

music, game, imagery,videos, film, prizes, quizzes

The songs so you can listen to them when ever.

Songs :)

More competitions!

A free online book of Demons and Thieves

I think…

. The songs should be on there
. A quiz to see what character you’re most like
. An animated scene from the book
. Games (Survive in the demon world)
. Interview a character – find out more about your favourite character

See lots of pictures of the characters


A vote to see who is the favourite character in the book and why.

a game
the actual book
animated scenes

I think that there should be a film of the book and the songs of the characters and pictures of the characters to download and a comic strip of the book. Games too.

I would like on the website pictures and music and lyrics to your songs.

There should be a game on it about the story.

The songs – Lucy’s song and Tad’s song

- The songs in the background

- Game (where you have to make your way
through a maze to get your soul back)

- A poll to pick your favourite characters

On your website there could be:

- a book trailer

- a computer game that you can play
about Tad on his mission

- facts about characters

Animated videos


Factfiles on all the characters

What inspired you


Animated scenes from the book

Ist chapter of the book

A character profile to say about the different people in the story and what part they play.

A Q & A blog.

Little paragraphs from Book 1 because it will draw the reader in.

Games about the story.

A comic strip through the story.

Competitions to win the book

Also previews (animations) of some of the chapters

Put Tad and Lucy’s song on there

Pictures on the next chapters so I know what the chapter is about.

Why does Storm have a star on his face?

Hi Elliot.

The answer about the star-shaped scar is on page 120.

Hope that helps!

games and music and somewhere where you can write in a question you need answered

You should add more music and some more characters and games with some film features and music that we can download.

And we could make up some characters and design them.

Picture of Lucy
> play song


Little tales to open (competition)

Picture of Tad

> play song

Picture of book

A game like minecraft

Say what the book is about



Graphics – good graphics that are exciting

Put on youtube




More competitions

1) Where did Sam go then?

2) Where’s Bo gone

3) Have you started any other books?

4) What’s your favourite part in Demons and Thieves

5) When did you start writing Demons and Thieves?

Hi Jamie

It’s great that you have asked about Sam. More is revealed about him later in the trilogy.

There are also things to discover about Bo’s disappearance. Again, I can’t tell you too much now as it will spoil it for you.

Book 2 in the trilogy is on its way and I have several other books in mind.

I started to think about the whole trilogy back in 2005 but I didn’t have a version of the first book, with which I was happy, until about 2009. I have tweaked it several times since then!


Songs or an animated scene from the book as it would let us relax when we hear them

Games like the challenges through the Gate.

On the website I would like to see links to different channels like youtube, facebook, twitter etc. Also I would like to see the blurb of the book to encourage people to buy it.


The blurb


Ist chapter


Comic strip


Slideshow of pictures

Animation of characters

Video Clips


Tad and Lucy’s songs

I think you should put like a chat called talking to Lynda so we can give you ideas talking to you live, or webcam you face to face. Also put on games about the book.

A game about Shiladu.



Some of the book every week



Comic strip


1) Put some images of the book on there

2) And maybe put games on there relating to the book

3) Come up with some more songs relating to the characters


Games/Demons and Thieves


Animated scenes from the film



Downloads/Backgrounds, songs

I would like:

– Quizzes on the story

– Animated scenes and comic strips

– Diary entries from Tad about his

One thing that would be great is if you could click each character and read their story or point of view in the book or a diary entry for each character every week or so. :)


Animated parts from the story

Games themed on the book.





Film clips


- Music

– Book 1

– Bit of Book 2

The words to the songs and the songs.

- Questionnaire

- Games

- Forum

- Information

- The book to read on there

- Put the songs on for downloading

Music and lots of games and the blurb







Pictures, clips, music, games, prizes, tests, quizzes

Games and information

Games and songs


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