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Hi Broadwater

Thank you for all your wonderful questions during my visit to your school today. I only wish I could have recorded them all.

I have left up the questions that I received before I arrived, so please feel free to add to them if I have left anything unanswered.


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What made you write the book?

do you have a inner demon and if so what is it?

my real name is Ruth T year 7 Broadwater school.

Hi Ruth!

Great question. I probably have loads!

My worse one is avoiding things I don’t want to do – like tidying up or doing boring paperwork. I have a reputation for leaving my post unopened for weeks while I have my head down – tapping out my next chapter, then the next and the next, till finally there’s an avalanche as my post dives off the windowsill. At that point I take appropriate action … I throw it into a box!!

Poor old Tad has all these bad dreams,I wondered whether you made up the dreams or you had these dreams and wrote about them?

My name is Sophie.s year 7 Please reply Id love an answer!!!!

Hi Sophie!

Well, you know, one of them was mine. You know the chapter where Tad sees the ghost of his grandfather, well something similar happened to me. I was asleep, yet it didn’t feel like a dream. And it wasn’t my grandfather that I saw … it was my dad. It occurred at a time when I was really struggling in life and I wasn’t sure of my next step. Anyway, the conversation in my dream was almost exactly the way I wrote it in the book. Except, he gave me a different message which sent me on my way.

It was spooky and really lovely all at the same time!

All the rest I made up.

Maybe we should start a blog on this site about dreams. What do you think?


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