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Hi Broadwater teachers and students

I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for today. It was lovely meeting you all and I hope you enjoyed my visit.

I took home a huge bag of comments from you all, which I will (as promised), post up on the website. In the meantime, I have added your previous questions to this post.

Hope to see you again when you finish reading the book.


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My favourite character is Away because he is very playful.

my favourite character is the gate keeper because he is really moody and a pain in the but! a bit like me on a bad day what about you?

my real name is Ruth T. year 7 from Broadwater school.

Yeah – he definitely needs a holiday!

My favourite character is Storm. He’s got so many layers – like an onion. It’s really strange, but he’s one of the characters I care about most.

i liked Towards because he was funny and playful with playing that strang tennis game with Away.

Tad is my favourite character because he does lots of dreams and has new adventues and he meets a lot of new people who can be his freinds or his foes like Away and Towards are his freinds and then he thinks that his brother Nick is dead but really he is still alive and he went back in time and fowards in time to see what the past was and seeing what the future is holding and seeing his fathers past.Tad has also gone over the bridge of terrors and faced his fears with alot of demons and he also met Lucy.

My favourie character is Tad.He is very adventurous and will never give up.

my favoured character is Fingers because he was very grumpy and he didn,t like Tad very much.I liked fingers because he had a little fight with Tad and he had a sidekick morto.

I like the dwarfs becaues they are relly funny and ther names are wierd Towards and Away. Who has names like that? Towards is funny and Away is just grumpy he needs to take a long holiday.

There are so many charcters its hard to choose one that I like is Away as he is always triyng to lighten up Towards but he always fails sadly.He can also be very smart at times in the book but mostly he wants to make everyone laugh.Thats just what im like!

My real name is Sophie.s year 7 from Broadwater.I hope you liked my comment Your book is INCREDIBLE!!!

Lovely comments. Thank you Sophie, JJB, Leah, Martin, Joe, Mark and Ruth. And well done for persevering with the website.
I know it has been difficult to get onto it recently. So your posts made me smile.

I have homework on the place where they go after the bridge past times and I need some help so can you tell me some about

Hi Lewis

What do you need to know? I think some of your message has got cut off.

Can you send the exact question you need answering.


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