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By Lucy

Friend: that one special person You’ve probably read about me and the School of No Returns. There, friendship is everything. Yet at times, I feel so let down, I want to scream. Like today. Today,… Read More

By Lucy

Hi! I’m Lucy. For those of you who’ve read about me, you’re probably wondering what I’m really about. I can’t tell you much – not yet. ButĀ I’m looking for followers – people I can rely on,… Read More

Hi. The name’s Tad – Tad Bailey. I was just a regular teenager before I found The Gate. Life was hard even then, what with all the bullying and Mum and Dad fighting all the time. I thought it… Read More

By Deuce

I am Deuce, the mad, bad magicianĀ from Shiladu – some would say. Actually, I’m an incredibly nice person really – kind, considerate, handsome, not at all vain. Now, where’s that wretched mirror of… Read More


Lynda Berger is the author of "The Seven Keys Trilogy" of which "Demons and Thieves" is the first book.