Lynda started her working-life as a musician, playing gigs and recording an album with a band called The Books.

When the band’s record advance of £80,000 was stolen, Lynda found herself without an income and living in poverty.

Whilst her cat dined out on boiled chicken because of kidney disease, Lynda survived on a diet of ox liver and soup, which she drained off from the cat’s dinner … before it arrived in his bowl!

Things were grim. The flat she rented was covered in mould and she had to survive on just £15 per week unemployment benefit.

With few qualifications from school, Lynda wandered down to the local job centre desperate to earn some money. There, she saw an interesting advert for a position with a start-up computer company, but she needed to be able to type. In those days, she didn’t own a computer and had only ever used a pen to write. She knew she didn’t have the necessary skills for the position, but still she wanted that job.

So she applied to the company and was told that her interview would be in three days’ time.

Her father’s old typewriter sat under the bed – dusty and tired-looking after several years without use. She pulled it out and slowly started to clack away at the keys, until she could type a few sentences without looking. She wasn’t fast, but at least she could type something.

It was two miles to the interview and the streets were thick with snow. Dressed in a simple brown dress and black cape she had bought in a charity shop, Lynda remembers trudging her way to the interview with only one thought in mind: ‘I’m going to get that job.’

She did.

And that was the first time Lynda realised that if you want something badly enough – if you can acquire the right knowledge and work on your skills – anything’s possible.

A more recent photo of Lynda

A more recent photo of Lynda

After that, Lynda went from strength to strength. She left the company after several years in senior management and followed her heart’s calling. She studied and qualified in alternative medicine, started her own training company teaching ‘success’ techniques in large corporations, and then found that her original passion for writing both words and music beckoned once again.

At that time, her daughter was a reluctant reader – more interested in watching a movie or playing on the computer. So Lynda decided to write a fast-paced fantasy-adventure for her, that moved like a computer game and held some very precious secrets buried within the story. Little did she realise that word about her book, Demons and Thieves (now part one of The Seven Keys Trilogy) was to spread in the way that it did.

Now, after 2000 people have read the private edition and it has been used as a class reader in several schools, the brand new official release version is on sale to the general public – new cover, new content.

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Lynda Berger is the author of "The Seven Keys Trilogy" of which "Demons and Thieves" is the first book.